Saturday, March 31, 2012

Orchid Shadows

Orchid Shadows        Oil on Canvas       20 x 20   

It is finished. After my last post about this painting as a work in progress, I fussed and fiddled with it for many more hours. I wanted to insert more drama, more interest, and I especially wanted to work on the edges, losing and finding them as necessary. I have never paid much attention to that until recently, and realized that it could make or break a painting, so I paid extra attention in many places, and I think it helped, somehow.

It must now be framed and I am at a loss to know what to do to it. I have tried some various frames online and nothing hit me, so I'm now trying to figure out what will work best. Gold kills it, and black is not good either. I didn't try silver, so that might work. I'd love to see this with a liner, but I can't imagine how that will come together either, and white would not work, and natural linen kind of leaves me cold. Of course if I gave up and took it too a pro framer I'd save myself much trouble, but in the end it is always about money. This is a gallery wrapped canvas, but I'm of the opinion that my work looks best framed, except those very wide edge canvases with the painting wrapped around...that looks OK, but for the most part my work looks sickly without a proper frame.