Monday, July 21, 2014

Luscious Fruit

Luscious Fruit         9 x 12       Oil        $145.00 

This little canvas was a last minute throw-together when I realized I forgot to bring my work-in-progress canvases to my Tuesday night class. I raced over to our neighborhood Publix Supermarket and grabbed what looked inviting and this little still life is the result. I didn't work on it very long, perhaps 2 or 3 sessions, and wanted it to be kind of loose. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Awe Disaster

I spent all day last Wednesday repainting the sky....again! For cripes sake. I learned how to take out brush marks, thanks to the internet by "flogging" my painting with a soft dry brush and finally after days of drying time, this morning I decided I could live with the result. I had also repainted the flowers and felt that I only needed one more session to pull the painting together and call it finished. Today my friend came to help me clean my house and she was mopping the floor behind my easel and the painting fell, and hit something, we don't know what, because I was in my office on the phone and didn't see the resulting disaster. I am still feeling sick to my stomach about this. Obviously it ended the major cleanup of my house and I got on the phone immediately to a lady I met a few months ago who is a fine art restorer. I will take the painting to her this afternoon to assess the damage. Hopefully it can be repaired. If not I will have to repaint the painting...2 years gone in one instant. I am really devastated right now, and feel really awful, and my friend is beside herself as well. So there is more to come on this painting, which has been a total hassle from the start. It just can't end like this!!
This is the tear.