Friday, October 21, 2016


Irma, Gainor, Natalia, Susan

Yes, this is the final, as I decided to sign it and have my Thursday students witness my signature. Odd idea, as I've never had that idea before, and I doubt that I will have it again. But I knew I was going to sign it on Thursday, October 20, and that is the day my students come to my studio, so it seemed appropriate to have them see the end of this painting that they have lived with for all this time. I started to dismantle the set up in my studio later that day, and it will be odd to have all that stuff stowed, and returned to owners.
After six years of wrestling with "Shame" I decided to have a party to mark the end of that episode and many of my friends came and we dismantled the still life that evening. I contemplated doing that again, but it seemed to be more of an effort than fun, so I scrapped that thought as quickly as I had it, and settled on the quiet and easy end of Guilt as you see it above.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


My last post was 3 months ago! I thought I was close to the end then, but all sorts of interruptions came between me and Guilt, so it had to wait for me to get those things done before I could come back to it. I have been working on it for quite a few sessions this month and I believe it is finished. I have not signed it yet, waiting for some last minute repaints to dry before I call it quits, just to make sure it doesn't need anything else. I was unhappy with the lace fabric on the left side of the painting, and it has required two repaints since the last post! But today I have just finished repainting those lace do-dads and think it is OK now. What a lot of effort that has been. Note to self: shoot me with that rifle if I decide to do black lace again!

this was two days ago when I tackled that lace again. In the background you can see Miss Puss asleep on the bed, and the photo blowup of Guilt against the wall and the 3-d set up of the paintings behind my head. I am working with a 20-0 brush. Insanity!

I will probably sign it tomorrow. I have a "rule" that after one of my paintings is signed it is done and I very seldom work on it again, so I need to make sure it is really done before I put my name on it.