Saturday, January 25, 2014

Problems, problems! "Awe" is still a problem!

Those white blobs in the sky is masking tape which is holding a piece of 5mil acetate. I have tried a new sky idea in the lower right side of the sunset, while the left side shows a revision I made several weeks ago. After living with it for awhile I decided it is much better than what I had before, but I was still not too happy with it. I have spent days photographing the night sky out my window, and these cold clear evenings give me a good idea of what it should look like. I wanted the green stripe, which I do see sometimes, but I have exaggerated it too much and it doesn't look right. Hopefully the moderation of the green, more on the turquoise side, is a bit better than that strong green. Now that I have lived with the acetate revision for a few days, I will be able to actually make the change on the painting, and hope that I can match the blues and not have to paint the whole sky again.