Monday, May 26, 2014

Shoe Atop Star Box

Shoe Atop Star Box   Watercolor on Canvas    12 x 12   $150

I really love to work on this new canvas from TARA. Watercolors are hard enough on paper and I find I can control them better when I can wipe out sections that are going badly. The canvas doesn't stain like paper does, or fall apart from repeated scrubbings. I don't do many watercolors any more and this is from my "Sampling the Media Class" where I had time to do a demo for my students that I finished at home in my studio. It is a strange collection of objects...just stuff that was in the prop box. TARA has stopped making the 8x10 size and that is a shame. I bought a pad of watercolor canvas sheets, so I will see how they work, but I'm not likely to put them on stretchers myself, so it is back to mattes and glass with that.