Monday, September 30, 2013

Miss Puss and the Spider Mums

Miss Puss and the Spider Mums         Oil on Canvas
20 x 20                    $695
This is number 5 in the Series of Miss Puss and the Flowers. I am so intrigued by Miss Puss as she seems to love to pose for me. I brought home a big bouquet of Gladiolas that were a birthday gift, and before I had my purse stowed she was posing with them. It was amazing, and later when I had them in a proper container and set up with my lights and camera she gave me several hours of shooting time in which I had so much material I will have difficulties picking the one I want to use for the series. I am working on Miss Puss and the Orchids now which is number six, and was the end until the Glads came into the house. Now I am looking for some snapdragons or zinnias to complete the series. I think 8 is enough! Miss Puss may have other ideas, however.