Sunday, July 20, 2008

More on Jurying Art Shows

I have a suggestion for Art Leagues. When they are looking for a juror or judge for their upcoming show they should formalize the search by having a selection committee that collects portfolios of the several candidates and their work should be reviewed and then the juror should be selected by the same process that the juror will ultimately judge the work of the members of the group. All's fair...etc.!

It would level the playing field a bit, right?


  1. ROGUE WAVE—is the second book released by Biddeford Pool's own historian and author, Margo Alley, covering the rescue of Tammy Burnham in 1960. Alley commented, "Never before has the rescuer told his riveting account of the rescue publicly; in this book he authors his own chapter."

    "After decades of harboring haunting memories and troubling revelations, I now feel compelled to speak out. This decision has not been made lightly. It is not my intent to denigrate or disparage anyone in this process, especially not the United States Coast Guard, which I honor and respect. I have no intended agenda beyond sharing the truth of my experience. In the interest of truth, every effort has been made to limit and define the context of what I actually witnessed while simultaneously providing insights never before shared with the public." Rescuer Edward Syvinski.