Sunday, August 3, 2008

Progress on Shame

As I write this tonight I am totally exhausted...spent, from working all afternoon on the Shame painting. It is coming along very well. Eventually I will post a photograph of it on this blog, but it needs a tweak in the composition which will have to happen next time I can work on it.

I don't like the multi-tasking that my life demands these days. But I have to manage everything, juggling time and tasks like rubber balls. Today, before I finally got into my studio around 1:00 I had to work on two websites I am redesigning in FrontPage, work on some postal cards and poster for an upcoming North Tampa Arts League Show, print 50 copies of the newsletter I produce for the job I do, fiddle with the laundry which has been in the dryer for at least 10 days (it is still there), and do some more work on my garden refit to make it less work and easier to manage. I finally quit working around 6:00 and only then cleaned up the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, soaked the coffee and tea makers in chlorox, and applied lineament to my sore shoulder.

The good news is that I was able to paint longer and more focused than last week, so progress is being made, not only with the painting but with the battle of my aging body!


  1. Gainor: great to hear you're getting back into this work. I know what you mean about finding concentrated time: I can't imagine finding 8 hours to work on something straight.

    Here's hoping you can at least find some reasonable chunks...

  2. I had planned on a whole two day weekend of painting but soon to be Hurricane Fay has occupied the obsession section of my mind and I fretted and fiddled around all day today instead of working on Shame. Oh well...tomorrow I will try to relieve the hurricane prep stuff with measured gulps of the Shame painting. Thanks for your comment Pica!