Friday, August 10, 2012

"Awe" 8-10-12

I have worked on this painting for about 12 hours since my last post. It does seem like an overwhelming amount of work, and I'm projecting ending the painting around Thanksgiving! Maybe. I was at my easel for 8 hours today, and things are becoming clearer. I felt as if I was "fighting white" for quite awhile with so much of the painting with a light scrub in and so much of it out of value. Now I have a good base on which to lay the paint and the layer work begins soon. I will be painting the entire sky background again, and hopefully resolving that "stripe" of yellow that doesn't meld into the blue above it too well....that will be a real trick to get that right. I will need to mix my colors carefully and work wet into wet as I go, so that work will be done on a day with nothing scheduled!

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