Sunday, October 28, 2012


Sunflowers         Oil on Canvas        18 x 24       $450
You can't see it in this photograph but this is a very rough weave canvas, like jute or burlap. I have had it for so long I don't know where I got it, or why. I unearthed it from the canvas pile when I last cleaned up my studio and decided it would be fun to try working on this kind of canvas again. So when I saw those sunflowers in Sam's Club one day, I bought them for this painting. When I brought them home I had them on my work table and Miss Puss had to investigate and she was so cute I did the photography that resulted in "Miss Puss and the Sunflowers" which is in a previous post. The Miss Puss and the Flowers series was kicked off and I'm now back on that track, having completed this single painting which I finished yesterday. It was different working on that heavy canvas, but it was not easy and the canvas was not very well in fact, so there are ruffles in the corners which I tried unsuccessfully to remove with the wooden pegs. Because of that flaw I have lowered my price from what would be the usual $500 for a painting of this size and complexity. But that is a minor problem that I will continue to try to figure out in the coming days. For today I'm hunting for a suitable frame so I can put it in a show that is due tomorrow. I don't like to submit wet paintings to a show, but since I am the Art Curator I am taking on special privileges for myself and I hope it will be dry enough so it doesn't smell up the Gallery too much.

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