Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Awe" 12-19-12

Fianlly, I am on "vacation" until January 2nd and this time has been labeled, painting time, by me! I was able to paint for 4 hours yesterday before the sun made me move my easel into the opposite corner of my studio. It is so low in the sky these days and comes in my west windows and throws light and shadows over my painting. I worked for a bit more in the opposite corner of the room satisfactorily until I actually felt tired.

I quit to spend some time doing a photo editing project and to decide if I really wanted to lower the tree line in the painting. I painted the change on a clear plastic overlay and after viewing the change and photographing both versions I decided it was better to keep the original. It actually didn't make that much difference and painting sky over that black tree line seemed counterproductive, so I decided to leave it as is, even if it cuts the canvas in a bad place. There actually is no better place and I tried to lower it and the only place turned out to be exactly at the halfway I scrapped that idea.

Most of the work I did yesterday was on the upper half of the painting....the flowers and the sky. More shall be revealed!

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