Sunday, August 25, 2013

Awe 8-25-13

I have been working on "Awe" from time to time but the changes are hard to see so I have not been logging my progress as much now. Even so, other artwork, my job, and all kinds of real and imaginary things have somehow gravitated to the top of the priority list and Awe languishes on the easel for most of the spring and summer. But I made a commitment to myself that this would be finished by mid-September, and I think that is probably a manageable goal. I am fairly pleased with this painting, and I think I have worked out all the problems. Those white edges on the flowers have been a real tricky problem of getting the values right, and I have painted them over several times and I have to keep greying down that white, so much I can't believe it, but still they read white from a distance. I worked for quite awhile on the violin and I think I finally have the perspective of the bridge right now...for a long time it was flipping all over the place as I would walk by it. I had it so slightly off that the thing would appear to move...weird stuff like that drives me crazy.

I have one more run through that will solidify the background sky and sunset, which I am avoiding, but I almost got into it today, but decided other things were more important. I need to work a bit more on the scrollwork of the table and a bit more on the drapery. So...stay tuned...will Gainor meet her deadline? 

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