Thursday, August 14, 2014

Anniversary Flowers

Anniversary Flowers    
Oil        18 x 24      $425 (framed) 
I celebrated 41 years of sobriety in April of this year (2014) and my beloved meeting gave me these flowers, which were bigger and more impressive than what Vivian gets for the other celebrants who get a few carnations and a couple of sprigs of baby's breath and a few ferns. I was very pleased to be so honored! Then, about the same time, the Les Girls group gave me the cream and sugar bowl as a thank you for giving them a Show at CCC. I provided the Petits Four for myself and couldn't resist taking a bite out of one of them as I was arranging it on the plate! I don't often, if ever, do a black background, which will have to be finished with retouch varnish to even out the shiny and matte sections. Actually the background is not black but a combination of ultramarine, viridian, and alizarin crimson. 

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