Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Perfect Picture

Oil on Linen     18 x 24     Private Collection (sold 9-6-14!)
You might ask "why so cheap?" This is quite a big discount for one of Gainor's paintings!

I did this painting on speculation after someone inquired about the previous painting of the same setting called "The Cranes of Carrollwood" which was both already sold and too expensive for their budget. I wanted to practice stretching canvas and used my new air compressor and pneumatic staple gun and the result is frightening mess and the corners are worse...each one folded differently and not professionally at all...thus the deep discount for messy stretching. But the painting is quite nice and has those same Sandhill Cranes and a lady from my Digital Photography class is snapping their picture. For those of you who don't know me the silver Scion is my car traveling along the street in both paintings! Now I want you to know that I have some skill at photo editing and I was not driving my car AND making this painting at the same time! Nor were the cranes and the lady in that exact location at the exact same time, although both of them were in the park at some time over the past 4 years when I go out there with my Digital Photography students to hunt down interesting photographs. Sometimes I'm grateful that I have a need to clutter up my hard drive with hundreds of photos of the same thing, over and over, and I have a wealth of images to get exactly the right lighting although the lady in the red shirt had to be moved and flipped so she would make the composition of the painting work. 

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