Sunday, March 1, 2015

Painting With Eggs Workshop Saturday

I have done a few Egg Tempera workshops but most of them have not been very well attended, and in truth the people who came didn't really like working in the medium. But this one was totally different. The participants were all current or past students, and friends of mine and so I knew what kind of group I would get. It was marvelous!! The pictures below show my studio turned into a cluttered workshop space where everyone seemed focused and relatively happy, although Egg Tempera's quirky ways didn't sit too well with a few, but we will work that out on Day 2.

I was blown away by the work everyone has produced. My photographs are at the end of the day, on Saturday, and by Sunday afternoon I suspect we will have some really splendid examples of the beautiful medium of Egg Tempera to show off here. I am so pleased with how the workshop went I am planning for the next one.

 I had planned for a maximum of 8 people and one couldn't make it so we were 7 and it looks crowded and cluttered, but it was just fine, and one more would have fit in well. Perhaps next time. Robert and Peggy are pictured on the right.

Robert's Dog
Peggy's Flower
Margret and Natalia
(the computer was handy in showing some Egg Tempera artists websites and a few suppliers of the dispersions and pigments we were using) 
Margret's Landscape
Natalia's Tree
(she seems not too pleased with her efforts, but it was really very nice, in spite of what she thinks!)
After intense concentration for hours some levity must follow! Here they are examining one of my plastic hands. 
Nancy with plastic hand. Someday that thing will make it into a painting!
Nancy's Painting
Peggie's Still Life
We have one Peggy, one Peggie, and one Margret in the workshop.
You can tell by Yolanda's big smile that she is really pleased with her avocados!

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  1. Yolanda's avacodos are delicious looking in the Radiant Fruit show at CCC