Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meet Miss Puss

Miss Puss is a Korat. She is about 1 year old and all we know is that she was a stray and was at the Pasco County Animal Shelter when I found her quite by accident about 3 weeks ago when my friend Patti and I were cat shopping and we stopped by to see what was there. It took me about 5 minutes to make a decision to take her home with me that night. Korats are supposed to be symbols of good fortune in Thailand, their native country. This cat is so very different from my Siamese cats....she talks mostly in polite voice and so far I've not heard that strident yowl that characterize the Siamese voice. She mews softly and has a range of guttoral sounds that mean different things. Delightful. She is not a lap cat, at least so far, and doesn't want to snuggle. We had to establish rules from the start about not attacking my feet under the covers in the middle of the night! But she loves to play, and seems quite content with her toys and begs to be rubbed and stroked all the time. I see her eyeballing the door and worry about her bolting if I'm not careful to make sure it is closed all the time. We are establishing some discipline about the door zone in the house but still I see she has a big interest in the great outdoors which is why she probably was a stray. She seems to be very intelligent and learned the word "no" quickly. She came to me spayed and microchipped. I'm having a grand time, and I must say that it has helped to fill the enormous void that George left behind.


  1. She's GORGEOUS! Great find, Gainor.

  2. Finally getting caught up on reading my friends' posts and was pleased to see the new addition to your life. Your new friend is beautiful! I can see the mischief in her eyes... Best of luck with her. Animals are wonderful companions and the therapy they provide is priceless.

  3. Dear Gainor,
    What a beauty--and those eyes!!!
    How lucky you are that Miss Puss adopted you. Obviously, it was love at first sight from both sides.
    All the best from Barbara D. and HER love, Mischa, the Russian Blue (or His Blueness)!