Saturday, May 8, 2010

More of Miss Puss

The Many Moods of Miss Puss
9B Graphite on Black Illustration Board
When you hold this drawing in your hands and move it around the graphite is very reflective and appears to be silvery. It is a very interesting effect, for sure. Can you tell how crazy I am about my new friend? yeah!


  1. Gainor, I love this effect. I was looking for some black illustration board in Berkeley on Saturday, couldn't find it. I'm really having fun exploring working on black surfaces...

  2. I agree that working on black is fun and a challenge too. I love how this loses so much in the photo and on the internet. You can't see the reflective, shiny, metallic effect of the graphite. You can work it on any black paper....perhaps try Canson black Mi-Tientes if you have some, works fine.