Monday, July 9, 2012

Feeling Series #10 "Awe"

It has begun, after much angst, thinking, rethinking, searching for flowers and the right container, procrastinating, having art shows to hang, and so on and on.

I ran into an old friend in the supermarket who is a painter living in my area. We chatted and I told her about "Awe" and my hunt for Stargazer Lilies which were abundant around Easter but a hard find until a few days ago in a New Tampa Publix market. I laughed about how my house smelled like a funeral home with all those lilies. About half an hour later she called me to tell me that all parts of the lily plant is totally toxic to cats and if they get the pollen on them and lick it they can die, rather quickly. Who knew? So, the upshot of all that was to cut off the private parts of those beautiful lilies and put the flowers in the guest bathroom with the door shut, so Miss Puss could not frolic with the lilies. Prior to that I knew I would have to work from photographs. I have a good assortment of fake Stargazers, but I like to work with the real thing, at least for a short time in the beginning, and then often at the end. So I had to photograph the still life, and the blown up version is on the floor next to my easel. It helps to have that as a guide, especially when I have to put the real flowers in the guest bathroom when I'm not working. The canvas size of this painting is 48 x 30. I will keep you posted on my progress.

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