Friday, July 13, 2012

Miss Puss and the Fallen Flower

Miss Puss and the Fallen Flower      Oil on Canvas    20 x 20
I had not planned to do a painting of my cat with this flower arrangement. The flowers were given to me after the reception for the Pastel Society show at Carrollwood Cultural Center and I had them in my studio for decoration. Miss Puss seemed to like them and constantly jumped up on the table to examine them, sniff them, and pose with them, and I thought she was very cute, so I grabbed a new container, a white cloth, my camera, tripod and a long metal ruler. I could slide the ruler under the drapery and she focused on the wiggle just perfectly. The result of that photo session was this painting. Stay turns out that I now have a live model willing to pose, more or less, as I place her, and a new series of paintings have been birthed. I am working on Miss Puss and the Sunflowers, which will be followed by Miss Puss and the Stargazer Lilies, and then Miss Puss and the Roses (maybe). The lily flowers are the fake ones I bought a long time ago for the Awe Painting, but found out that the real ones I was going to have her pose with turned out to be deadly toxic to cats, and so that idea was scrapped in favor of the fake flowers. But it will be OK, as I have lots of photo references to the real thing.

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