Thursday, June 6, 2013

Miss Puss Thinks She Is a Gift

Graphite on Grey Rives BFK paper 22 x 30
This was a  fun drawing that we did. "We" means, me and Miss Puss, as she tromped merrily across the paper many times, rubbing her back on my chin, tip-toeing across my drawing the way cats do when they seem pleased. I had to erase a few faint cat footprints, but I didn't care, as I thought they might add to the ambiance of my artwork. They looked like stray smudges from a distance.

I took the photo of Miss Puss as she played in a tangle of transparent ribbons I had bought for my painting called "Fugue" which featured many vertical ribbons fixed to the top of the stretcher bar. I had these ribbons on my work table and of course this kind of thing is irresistible to most felines. I grabbed my camera and took a few shots of her messing around in this tangle. Unfortunately my photos were not very good and I had to fiddle around with various means in my photo editing software to see those ribbons. Some of them were almost invisible as they were yellow and pale blue against the white of the table top. I bought some software that I was not sure I would ever use, Topaz Labs Filters, which messes with images in various ways, and I got an image that gave me a reasonable idea of how those ribbons flowed.

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