Sunday, June 3, 2012

Star Spangled Art Show

I was presented this beautiful engraved wood plaque last Saturday afternoon at the Reception fo the Star Spangled Art Show at Carrollwood Cultural Center. I was so blown away I could only babble into the microphone. I had to finally stop and leave the stage. It was a very difficult show to manage, but I did not think it was such a trial that I deserved such an accolade. Many others had a share of this plaque and I hope I have thanked all of them. Without that help the show would not have been the success it was.
Before the show ends on Monday, June 4th I made this composite photo showing our Theater Gallery with the addition of the lovely logo Stuart Dwork gave for us to use for this show. This is the view from our stage where I was standing when I could not pull myself together when Mary Donovan and Cathy Williams handed me this amazing gift.

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  1. Pretty special, Gainor! You absolutely deserve it - yes, you had assistance, but without yout organization and imagination it would not have come together as it did, if at all!